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This party is evolving into a fantastic event. Something new happens every day. This page is where you get the updates.  There will be prizes and giveaways... people are offering up food, there will be party favors, and musicians are showing up to JAM. If you would like to be involved in making this event more special contact Jimi James @
818  814 1578

The First CP LEO PARTY is August 13th @ Rush Bar and Grill in Lake Forest. It's evolving into a magical Event.



Everyone is invited to join us at the first Contagious Peace Leo Birthday Party, a heartwarming gathering to honor the birthdays of Jimi James and his beloved nephew Jacob. 🕊️🌟

Though Jacob's journey took a tragic turn, this event serves as a testament to the importance of spreading love, understanding, and contagious peace within our communities, something Jacob was all about. Jimi James, the founder of the Contagious Peace Movement, together with his sister Julz, Jacob's mother, invite you to share in this significant and fun occasion as we commemorate Jimi James' recent 66th birthday and celebrate Jacob's birth. The event will reflect their spirits, with music, effects, and guest appearances. 

Let’s party and unite in love with Jimi, Julz, and their entire family at this special time. 


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