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Flock Of Angels was founded in 1999 by Message Mon as a sister organization to The Nicole Brown (Simpson) Foundation. The Flock Of Angels supported the NBCF nearly two decades artistically, technically, and as a volunteer network. Message Mon's experience in domestic violence and healing families of victims of violence extends from his affiliation with the Brown organization.

Today The Flock Of Angels continues to function as an "Angel Network" with digital warriors across Earth on the mission of spreading love, truth, and online moral support to folks in need. FOA is open to all ethnic groups and religions because our main purpose is assisting humanity through this amazing but chaotic evolution of consciousness taking place today. The battle isn't between left or right, black and white. It's between good and evil.

FOA always has and will be a grassroots model organization so please spread the word and invite angelic minded people to join our network of pure love.​ 

The story of how Flock Of Angels came to be is as amazing as it is bizarre. Sharing it has become part of the mission because it demonstrates the magic that sometimes occurs after tragic situations and inspires others to share their stories, creating more angelic activity. 20 years of artistic content has accumulated and is ready to be released in story form, meaning a movie or documentary.

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