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We began as a sister organization to The Nicole Brown Simpson Foundation in 1999 expanding its outreach for Domestic Violence to helping families heal and deal with life after all violence with an artistic flair.

Today we continue and expand this agenda as a network of angelic warriors providing support to families and victims of violence while inspiring love, peace, kindness to all, and inspiring the GREAT AWAKENING of the human spirit. If you're reading this, you're invited to become a part of our mission/purpose.

ACTS OF LOVE manifest MIRACLES because of LOVES' magic force.  Uniting in this powerful energy is humanity's strongest weapon against evil.

A.O.L. inspire healing in the lives we touch and experienced as miracles by ANGELS  who believe.  

Humanity is finally waking up to the nightmare of child sex trafficking. Save The SLAVES is an awareness movement exposing the evil practice and motivating people to focus on ending this problem once and for all. This is the first time in human history this ancient ritual has been exposed and the evil perpatratiors are being persued by the current administration.


There are still too many people who ignore this evil or think its a conspiracy theory and it urgent the masses be informed at this critical time. If you fit this description please educate yourself to this true horror and help SAVE THE SLAVES!!!

If you have the heart and the desire to have a positive effect in the lives of others

Create ripples of love in someone's life
V O L U N T E E R!!!!



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